Black and White Printing Workshop.

Examining a black and white print in darkroom workshop

Whether I am working with a photographer or on my own images, the first consideration is the negative. The negative gives you all the information that you need. It is a matter of following the light. Printing is about balance and how to achieve this balance. As Alfred Stieglitz commented,

“The image should reveal what you saw and felt at the time”

I have been looking at and assessing negatives for a long time on a daily basis. During this process I am responding to, rather than analysing, when I choose which image to print from a contact sheet. If it is one of my own shots, then I know what works for me. Looking at another person’s contact images, I get the feeling of what the photographer is looking for.

During my workshops and mentoring, I teach how to assess negatives and then the techniques of printing that allow the light and subject to emerge fully from the negative.

For example, For example, this bed shot was taken in my house in Yorkshire. The house faced south, so there is a strong light coming though the small square windows and the light falls across the bed. I felt that just by printing for the highlight and letting everything else go that this would give shape to this image.

So a black and white workshop will start with a discussion of your work, looking at negatives and contacts to see how to achieve the best possible prints.

Your workshop will be tailored to you, so I can help you improve your darkroom skills whatever your level of experience.

The details

Workshops are run on a one-to-one basis to ensure individual attention.

Approximate times 10am to 6pm
with short breaks for food and refreshments.

One to one £250 per day
£450 two days

Booking Deposit £75
Balance payable 2 weeks before course.

Address 69 Grafton Way (Basement), London W1T 6JD
Telephone 0207 636 1739

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