Toning Workshop

Black and White printing also doesn’t have to be entirely monochromatic. There are several ways to add colour to Black & White images. All kinds of techniques can be employed to build up atmosphere in a scene. Toners can be used singularly or on tandem for more advanced effects. The photographer who is prepared to experiment will find that it is possible to produce results that are highly individual

This image of a Pheasant was toned with Thiocarbamide and then gold.


A toning workshop will cover most aspects of the thiocarbamide process which can produce a variety of tones. Selenium and gold toning will also be explored.

The workshops are run on a one to one basis or as a small group maximum of two people to ensure individual attention.

Approximate times 10am to 6pm with short breaks for food and refreshments.

The fee

One to one £250 per day
£450 two days

Fee for two people £300 per day
£500 two days.

Booking Deposit £75
Balance payable 2 weeks before course.

Cheques made payable to Adrian Ensor
Bacs Sort Code 11-05-02  A/c No 00128245 A Ensor
Address 69 Grafton Way (Basement), London W1T 6JD
Telephone 0207 636 1739

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